pdf Download Full Report for Technical Use (200MB)

pdf Download Full GIS Database (700MB)

pdf Download Catagory 1 Update Dated June 27, 2012

pdf Download Catagory 1 Update Dated June 29, 2015

Download Individual Chapters for Technical Use::

pdf Report Introductory Materials
pdf Chapter 1: Introduction
pdf Chapter 2: SSHAC Level 3 Assessment Process and Implementation
pdf Chapter 3: Earthquake Catalog
pdf Chapter 4: Conceptual Seismic Source Characterization Framework
pdf Chapter 5: SSC Model: Overview and Methodology
pdf Chapter 6: SSC Model: RLME Sources and Mmax Zones Branch
pdf Chapter 7: SSC Model: Seismotectonic Zones Branch
pdf Chapter 8: Demonstration Hazard Calculations
pdf Chapter 9: Use of the CEUS-SSC Model in PSHA
pdf Chapter 10: References
pdf Chapter 11: Glossary of Key Terms

Download Individual Appendices for Technical Use:

pdf Appendix A: Description of the CEUS-SSC Project Database
pdf Appendix B: Earthquake Catalog Database
pdf Appendix C: Data Evaluation Tables
pdf Appendix D: Data Summary Tables
pdf Appendix E: CEUS Paleoliquefaction Report
pdf Appendix F: Workshop Summaries
pdf Appendix G: Biographies of Project Team
pdf Appendix H: CEUS-SSC Model Hazard Input Document (HID)
pdf Appendix I: PPRP Review Comments
pdf Appendix J: Magnitude-Recurrence Maps
pdf Appendix K: SCR Database Used To Develop Mmax Prior Distributions
pdf Appendix L: Quality Assurance

Project Data available for download:

download CEUS Paleoliquefaction Database
download CEUS Earthquake Catalog
download CEUS-SSC Smoothing Source Code

download CEUS HID Database

GIS Data available for download:

download Boundary
download Earthquake Catalog
download Geology
download GPS
download Gravity
download Heat Flow
download Paleoliquefaction
download Magnetic Anomaly
download Mesozonic Basins
download PC Basement
download Q Features
download Sediments
download Seismic
download Tectonic Crustal

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